I love my Eco Water system!! I am on well water and when Susie tested my water I had a heavy mineral content meaning ‘hard water’. I have a ‘salt’ system that filters out the minerals which makes the water safer to drink. I don’t have any mineral deposits that would clog pipes and the softer water makes my skin and hair feel great!! The system has been in for 5 yrs and I haven’t had one issue with it.

I love my system and recommend that everyone at least have their water tested, just to be sure it is safe for drinking and bathing.

Jolene T.
Clyde, NC Jan. 2016

Jolene T. ,

Thank you so much for the exemplary service you have provided. Our water had rust and black jelly-like bacteria that made it smell bad and was awful to shower with and do laundry. From the first visit, through the installation project and afterwards – when we needed additional help – you were there for us. Your company continues to go the extra mile to help us with coordinating a landscape watering system with your system. Our water is tasty and clear and has no odor. We continue to be very happy with the professional and caring service that EcoWater Systems offers.

Sylvia Lanier, Falcon Ridge Drive, Waynesville, NC

We are very pleased with the results of Eco Water Systems. We had a very high Iron content which resulted in an unfavorable taste and door. I had researched several companies and had plumbers, water testing companies, etc. come out to the house, but they all had different opinions. To be quiet frank, I didn’t really trust any of the other companies on such an important investment.

We had an old water softener system replaced with a new Eco Water Conditioning system. We also purchased the reverse osmosis system for our drinking water is better than bottled water and the showers are great. I wish we had installed the system sooner. The installation and customer support is superb. Our new system is all computerized so the maintenance is carefree.

Ron Stamey ,

It took a little longer than I intended, but I did want to be sure to tell you how much we’re enjoying our “new water” here at home. First, though, congradulations on the nice article on you and your business that ran in Sunday’s Asheville Citizen-Times. Andrea appeared in one a couple of years ago, and it’s pretty thrilling, I know. Hope it leads to lots of new business.

As I mentioned when you made your “Happy Sheet” call, we couldn’t be more pleased with our new system. It’s everything you said it would be.
• Our water TASTE better, every bit as good as what I was getting in refillable containers weekly at Greenlife and Earthfare. So, that makes it WAY more convenient, too.
• It FEELS better … literally softer, which it is.
• The iron and manganese sediment that used to require VERY FREQUENT scrubbing of toilet bowls and sinks is a thing in the past. Likewise, we no longer have to run Iron Out through the diswasher to get rid of the recurring iron colored stain that kept coating the inside.
• Our laundry is definitely whiter … like the appliances, no mineral staining any more. There is also some evidence that the encrustation in our piping system and toilet tanks may be gradually dissolving; if so our overall water system efficiency should continue to improve.
• Also, as you predicted, we are now using only 1/4 to 1/3 the amount of laundry and dishwater detergent we had been to achieve the levels of cleanliness we expect.
• Having been in operation now for almost two months, it looks as though our system’s consumption rate of potassium chloride regeneration material is about what you predicted … it lasts a LONG time!

So, I’d say your batting average on things you said would happen, not to mention the quality of your service is about 1000!

Well done and thanks, again!

George and Andrea,