Brad and Susan run an exceptional business. Their service, their knowledge and their products are top shelf. They installed an entire water filtration system into my home 5 years ago and I’ve been nothing but pleased with the results. They have turned brown mucky mineral filled water into crystal clear great drinking water. They have always been there for me after the installation to answer my questions or help me service the filtration system. I cannot recommend these folks enough!!
Glenn S., Clyde NC

GLenn S. Clydy NC... January 2016,

Brad and Susan have changed our water forever! They are thorough, professional, timely and fair. I have and will continue to refer them to other home owners especially those with iron saturated H2o.
Mike, Cullowhee

We installed an Eco Water System two years ago. It has worked perfectly, and has made our previous system seem like from the stone age (weekly filter changes, leaks, etc). The water is extremely clear now and always flows at full strength. Brad & Susan in the greater Waynesville area are a delight to deal with, and are always responsive to periodic service needs. We recommend Eco Water Systems and the Brad-Susan Team highly.

Chuck & Carole T, Canton, NC Jan 2016

The well water source to our home although clean and of good quality was contaminated by iron in suspension. Conventional methods of filtration and treatment were not effective and our plumbing fixtures, pipes and water heater became coated or stained with rust sludge. The ultra filtration system that American Water Care installed worked effectively and proved to be the solution to our problems. Our water is crystal clear and of highest quality. They have provided excellent maintenance through the years and the filter which they said may have to be replaced every 5yrs has lasted almost twice that long and is still going strong. I would highly recommend their services
Ed R. , Fletcher NC –Jan. 2016