Service all makes and models: Our technicians are professionally trained and have years of experience with repairing all types of water filers, water treatment systems; reverse osmosis, conditioner/softeners, ultraviolet and chlorination systems.

Replacement Cartridge Filters: We carry a complete line of replacement filter cartridges to filter out Sediment, Iron and Chlorine. We can also review your water conditions to assist you in selecting the proper type of replacement filter.

Well and Whole Home Chlorination/Sanitation: well chlorination and home sanitation will kill bacteria, help clean out iron and sulfur that can build up in your household plumping.  We use only a safe food grade chlorine, not chemical chlorine bleach. This can be a temporary fix if your water is not properly treated following chlorination.


Water Analysis: a water test and evaluation is the First step in the right treatment for your water conditions. Our in-home test will assist you in choosing the correct filtration solution. Once the analysis is complete we will review our findings , make our recommendations and outline the options for treatment.

Sometimes even if you have a current water filtration system, it may not be giving you the quality of water you are looking for.