Residential Filtration Systems



The EcoWater ECR3700 Series cabinet style whole home conditioning/ refiner system. These systems are highly recommended for those on either municipal or well water supplies. FEATURES
• Exclusive remote monitor or with WiFi communications technology provides a portable and convenient way to monitor the product performance and water usage
• Features a 1″ valve for plumbing up to 1-1/2″.
• Certified for the removal of Barium and Radium and Lead reduction

ESD 2702 Series water softenter

are whole home conditioning systems that can be customized to remove problem water issues. This large capacity conditioner can be used to remove iron, sediment and tackle hard water as high as 15 grains per gallon.• Eco-friendly water system regenerates only as needed.

Features a 1″ valve for
• Patented coated discs inside the valve extend life of seals


ETF2300SC10    “The perfect solution” for Asheville Waynesville Weaverville Hendersonville!

City Water!

Removing harmful Chlorine and Chloramine from City water…..No filters to change…..NO harmful chlorine! provides filtered water throughout your entire home removing sediments, chlorine taste and other contaminants that adversely affect taste and odor are reduced. All Naturally

The EcoWater ETF 2300PF Series

offers proven water filtration for removing many types of problem water issues like iron, sediment, sulfur, neutralizing PH levels. Features an easy to program digital control. Vacation mode to save water.
System can be a tailored solution for a variety of water treatment needs. All Natural….. No Chemical treatments
An electronic timer that controls regeneration frequency.System does not deteriorate, rust, or corrode

Drinking Water Systems EcoWater Systems offers a variety of installed drinking water systems designed to remove contaminants from the water your family drinks. Installed drinking water systems can be tucked away under the kitchen counter.
• Enclosed filter for quick, easy, twist on/off filter change
Ultra filtration Unit
This System utilizes a patented, multi-bore ultra filtration membrane, the first of revolutionary products that provide the latest innovations in reusable surface filtration technology.Features:• Eliminates Colloidal Iron/Silica
• Clears all Cloudy Water
• Removes bacteria from water
• Substantial reduction of viruses
• Easy to Program
• Intelligent System For Self Cleaning
• Durable Membranes For Long Life

ETF2300 Aspirated Iron Filter

Air Aspirated Chemical Free Iron Filter

• Chemical free system is clean and economical, using air instead of bleach, chlorine or potassium. Fresh air provides oxidation.
• Air is drawn into mineral tank for oxidation, no pumps or chemicals.
• Durable fiberglass-wrapped tank liner – doesn’t deteriorate, rust, or corrode.
• One-inch diameter for increased flow rates.
• Energy Efficient

Compact Softeners
Three Sizes

ESM Series water softenerThe EcoWater ESM Series Water Softening System is a compact single tank
Perfect for RV’s, Campers, Dorm rooms and apartments.
• Patented coated discs
• Optional remote monitor or WIFI communications technology provides a portable and convenient way to monitor the product performance and water usage.
• Compact sizes range from 22 to 33 inches in Height